‘It all started here, in the heart of Europe, in our country. Carefully selected bloodlines, secret techniques, centuries old tradition, knowledge passed through generation. We are their heirs. Despite ongoing changes, we do not want to change all. That is the reason why we breed Arabian horses for over 250 years – the best we can.’

‘Pure Polish’ – taking up on old traditions.

History of Polish Arabian horse breeding is closely knitted with stormy history of Poland. Destroyed multiple times by wars it was always carefully rebuild. Each time exceeding achievements of previous period. 

In state studs, where after World War Two all surviving bloodstock was gathered, the unique breeding program was introduced. It is based since 18th century, on mare & stallion bloodline families and its integral part is racing ‘courage test’. Likewise, after many years and based on mares from state studs, the private breeding tradition was rebuilt. Today it is of world-class quality. Years after the war, brought to Polish breeding many successes on the world stage and confirmed that Polish breeding system is unique & is a part of Polish cultural heritage. 

Polish Arabian horse reflects the characteristics of nations that developed it. Beautiful and courageous, strong and ambitious. Mares have a feminine charm, an exotic beauty and a gift for gentile motherhood. 

Established in October 1926, THKA, has a statutory goal of development in breeding and value of Arabian horse in Poland. Association promoted Polish Arabian horse in its original form, as equally beautiful as courageous. Its uniqueness originates from pure blood mares, bred on Polish lands for generations and refined with desert bloodlines.  

With this idea, we would like to undertake the work on maintaining the brand of polish Arabian horses and preservation their identity as ‘pure polish’. The brand became a synonym for quality, beauty and courage of Polish Arabian horses. Today, it is recognisable on the whole world. In present times, when world breeding stage is dominated by new breeders, preferred type of horse is restricted to the selection of specific features in beauty or physical prowess on racetrack. Polish Arabian horse as ‘beautiful and courageous’ needs special care and attention as it is in danger of being assimilated into global trends. The Association acknowledges the burning need of support and promotion of national breeding by people who cherish this heritage. 

The activities of THPKA intends to continue the tradition of Polish Arabian horse breeding and build on the ideas of Association’s founding members. Those ideas continue breeding traditions well documented since 1778 in the studs in Polish Far East counties. 
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