Georg Christoph Eimmart (1638-1705) - German engraver and painter. He made a series of 63 engravings based on sketches of D.K. Ehrenstral, which were then published in 1685 in Stockholm under the title: Certamen equistre caeteraquesolemnia Holmiae Suecorum ao: MDCLXXII .M. Decbr: celebrata cum Carolus IX. omnium cum applausu aviti regni regimen capesseret.

This is an album showing a parade in honor of Charles XI's coming of age in 1672. It presents an amazing show of costumes and horses, including references to antiquity. Swedish politicians and officers dressed in costumes from different countries, with a strong representation of Polish clothing. We can find here above all, beautiful illustrations of wonderful Polish horses - presented in accordance with Polish custom, along with richly decorated saddles, weapons, wings decorated with feathers that are strapped to saddles. The author of the descriptions was David Klöcker von Ehrenstrahl (1628-1698) and the illustrations were made by Georg Christoph Eimmart (1638-1705).

One of the figures from the Old Polish Encyclopedia (published in 1868-1903) with the signature (probably a 19th-century redraw of Eimmart's prints) from the Stockholm’s museum collection is the inspiration of our logo. It is one of the most beautiful and probably the most accurate images of the Polish knight's horse of oriental origin, and what is important it was made in the era when it was used in this form.

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