Conference on horse breeding organized by Pure Polish Arabian Society

About the conference

The conference on horse breeding organized by Pure Polish Arabian Society is an event dedicated to breeders and users of the Polish Arabian horses as well as to the lovers of that race. The aim of the conference is to discuss chosen aspects related to the breeding of the Arabian horses, but also to attempt defining the concept of Pure Polish with reference to the  Arabian horse by joint effort of the participants.


The conference will raise issues encompassing the Polish Arabian horses, known worldwide as Pure Polish. Additionally, the present condition of Arabian horse breeding in Poland will be discussed, including the existing directions and trends in horse breeding. Another topic under discussion will be the history and significance of the Pure Polish brand to the breeding of the Arabian horses throughout the world.

Pure Polish – concept and definition

What does it mean “Pure Polish”? Our conference provides an excellent opportunity to participate in formulating an answer to that question.

Practical knowledge – managing the herd and breeding program

The conference has a lot to offer: a number of interesting speeches, knowledge related to herd management and  various breeding methods, as well the chance to meet practitioners and scientists involved in animal husbandry (zootechnics) and Arabian horse breeding.

Existing trends in breeding, present condition and future of state studs

During the event, a debate  will take place among the speakers and special guests of the conference. Opportunity will be given to ask questions and to contribute actively in discussing the history and future of the Arabian horse in Poland. 


On location, there will be a possibility  to purchase the most recent publications on related subjects and to meet their authors.

Place of the event

Warszawa, September11th, 2021, The House of Literature, Krakowskie Przedmieście 87/89

Agenda of the event

Start of the conference – 2 p.m., planned end 6 p.m.

Breeders’ Evening – Literatka Restaurant

After the conference, we cordially invite all the participants to the Breeder’s Evening, in the form of an elegant supper, dedicated to the breeders and lovers of the Polish Arabian horses. Being part of that Evening creates a wonderful opportunity to get closer acquainted with the speakers and other participants of the conference, as well to widen one’s contacts and exchange further opinions on  Arabian horse breeding.

Participation in the conference

The conference is open to each and every one interested in the subject.
  • Registration to the conference is made through the following e-mail address:
  • Confirmation of registration will be sent together with a detailed program and all necessary information.  Conference participation fee amounts to 200 PLN.  Participation in the Breeders’ Evening is paid for separately.
  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the number of participants is limited to the number of seats available in the conference hall. Therefore, participation in the conference is possible only upon prior registration.
  • More information can be found on webpage bookmark: Events.

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